If you eat (and there is a good chance you do), you are connected to agriculture. We strive to highlight the positive aspects of agriculture that unite, nourish, and sustain us while maintaining a commitment to environmental protection. We work with residents and businesses to use whatever space available to grow their own food. We collaborate with farmers to find innovative solutions geared towards increasing volume and quality of production through progressive organic techniques. Finally, we manage a small farm of our own.

Our farm includes tomatoes, peppers, squash,  cucumbers, onions, melons, garlic, peaches, herbs, flowers, potatoes, pigs, bees, and resident toads. Please contact us for current availability. 

To the left, raised beds with squash, peppers, eggplant, herbs, sunflowers and a potato plant with orange marigolds to attract beneficial insects. To the right, potato plants growing vertically in straw and compost. An excellent approach for those with limited space.

Here we've applied a layer of mulch to the base of first year peach trees to suppress weed growth, retain water, regulate soil temperature, and promote root development by a slow release of organic material back into the soil.

Greenhouse Management

Greenhouse managed by Abbey's Eden in the Redlands

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