We believe that certain types of landscaping can enhance the look, feel, and value of a piece of property. Our aim is to maximize the potential of any site with creative design, low-maintenance installation, and budget-friendly options. We focus on drought tolerant native plant landscaping, home-scale food production, masonry, pest management, and tree care (ISA Certified Arborist #WE-9372A).

Xeriscaping is a style of landscaping that uses a fraction of the water needed for conventional lawn care and employs plants suited to the high desert climate of Western Colorado. We specialize in this type of installation.

This landscape includes apricot and cherry trees, native yarrow, maximillian sunflower, cottonwood, and salvia with raised beds for tidy herb and vegetable cultivation and gravel pathways for aesthetic appeal and ease of movement.  

We create inviting spaces designed to encourage people to spend more time outdoors . Recreational fire pits are permitted year round in the Grand Valley. Why not take advantage of it?

Before and after with Grosso lavender in the foreground

Featured Native Plant of the Month


Bouteloua gracilis  'Hachita' Blue Grama Grass


This bunch grass can be trained or bought as drought-resistant sod for lawn